• jamesptrainer: I'm at Northbourne (Bournemouth, England) http://t.co/0h5elxWk
  • jamesptrainer: @RanchoSteakhous do you still do unlimited Ribs? needing a big meal...
  • jamesptrainer: @officialpixieme yes @MarshallsPets smashed it!! looking forward to seeing you down at the bootcamp also..
  • jamesptrainer: RT @MarshallsPets: @officialpixieme a glorious day 4 it too! Love @jamesptrainer #bootcamp. You coming along next week?
  • jamesptrainer: @Sofia_ReBornpt ps....missing you!! x x x
  • jamesptrainer: @Sofia_ReBornpt fancy it? http://t.co/91YQKkhH
  • jamesptrainer: I'm at Poole Lifting Bridge (Poole, Dorset) http://t.co/LMLpkbHa
  • jamesptrainer: Wow what a week!! So pleased for all our RE:Born clients, we've had over 27lbs of body fat lost in the last... http://t.co/eZolRqYG
  • jamesptrainer: RT @MarshallsPets: Ibiza? Nope Sandbanks #bootcamp! @jamesptrainer has confirmed running all yr, having to deice car not a valid excuse ...
  • jamesptrainer: RT @iamunscared: Test. Can you squeeze your ass when you lunge? Find out if you are missing this crucial component to running. Cc: @burn ...
  • jamesptrainer: @LloydMorganLMP @marshallspets @cinemaavdesign @bluepebbletwit your motivation, NO bootcamp = http://t.co/RgitDbwE
  • jamesptrainer: @JoshHead_ loving your über fact retweet today!!
  • jamesptrainer: @MarshallsPets @lloydmorganlmp @cinemaavdesign @bluepebbletwit love it!!! See you there!
  • jamesptrainer: Loving the insights into human movement & function I learned from Ben @CorKinetic EMS course.Brilliant info, brilliant course.Thanks Ben!!
  • jamesptrainer: #bootcamp at shore road beach..6am tomorrow who's on board? @MarshallsPets @LloydMorganLMP @CinemaAVDesign @BluePebbleTwit
  • jamesptrainer: EMS course with corkenetic...time to blow my mind. (@ Laboratory Spa & Health Club) http://t.co/ALqzaewh
  • jamesptrainer: Setup and ready for this morning's Bootcamp!! You're going to earn your breakfast today!! Total Bodyweight overload http://t.co/m0rmYVJ1
  • jamesptrainer: Looking forward to this weekends @CorKinetic EMS course!! Brain and body ready for some mind blowing information..
  • jamesptrainer: @gregjames get your cv ready!! BBC R1 breakfast show is yours for the taking.
  • jamesptrainer: @BBCR1 please bring back moyles!

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Five Reasons Fish Oil Will Make You Stronger, Leaner & Healthier
fishoil5 www.180degreesgym.com brings you an excellent article on fish oil from Charles Poliquin, 5 straight forward reasons why you should take more fish oil. #1: Fish Oil Can Help You Lose Body Fat Fish oil can help you lose body fat for a number of reasons, some of which are well known, while others are just emerging. First, fish oil provides essential fats because it is made up of omega-3 fatty acids. Essential...

Top Ten Foods for Fat Loss & Body Composition
avacadoswww.rebornpt.co.uk personal training, Sandbanks brings you a great article from Charles Poliquin on the TOP TEN FOODS FOR FAT LOSS: Use these ten foods in your diet to support fat loss and get the physique you desire. Assuming you are training regularly, including these foods in a high-protein, relatively low-carb whole food diet will help you get and stay lean, while feeling energized and motivated throughout the day.

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